Britain’s Nazi tendencies

 A document published in 1957 confirmed decades-old rumors that Edward VIII and his wife, Wallis Simpson, had given information to the Nazis…and directly to Hitler himself. Edward even said in 1970, “I never thought Hitler was such a bad chap.” 

Oh yeah, we’ve heard It all now (Hitler was a good bloke)

Teenagers are often misguided, but we have to wonder what Prince Harry was thinking here: He was once spotted at a Halloween party wearing a Nazi uniform, and it soon covered all of the tabloids.

And Harry’s a ‘good bloke’ too (according to his Army mates)
but Is this ‘Harry 1’ or ‘Harry 2’??

But we ‘ve all done it (flirted with the swastika, learnt german and started eating big sausages, drinking down great big beers.Ja!)

Yes but whose side are you really on Edward? You were the viceroy of India for christ’s sake..I can’ t tell the British people you are a Nazi !

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