Today in London

it’s getting slightly crazy and slightly panicky, the authorities and doctors and nurses are annoyed the common people got on trains and buses that were meant for critical support workers, like police, nurses etc in the very early morning hours, it has created some bad feeling especially from our poor stressed out nurses.

Our supermarkets shelves look like madmen have been through them on the eve of world war 3, everything is missing.Getting a toilet roll is like winning an Olympic gold.

Nonchalance prevails as we fight daily and nightly an unseen enemy who makes not even the sound of footsteps – something horrible eerie about this whole encounter.

Boris creating a new wharfside hyper hospital went down warming like a warm sherry though, the thought of all them extra beds (and hopefully ventilators).

Oh and we celebrate this good lady who was able to beat the virus!She returned home to her little family (hurrah)

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