It’s a criminal world

Turkish journalist confirms that all groups supported by Erdogan in Syria are criminal

04 Wednesday Dec 2019

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Turkish journalist Omar Udamesh has confirmed that Turkish President  Recep Tayyip Erdogan is arming and financing his mercenaries and other terrorist organisations in order to seize parts of the Syrian territory.

“If Erdogan was sincere in his fight against all forms of terrorism, he would have to cooperate with the landowner, the Syrian state,” he told TEL 1 today.

He pointed out that all the groups and mercenaries supported by Erdogan cooperate with the terrorist organisation Jabhit al-Nusra,stressing that there is no justification for the entry of Turkish troops into the Syrian territory.

The Turkish journalist pointed out that Erdogan is working to make a demographic change in the areas of northeastern Syria by transferring his mercenaries and their families to those areas, clarifying that “all these data clearly proves that Ankara does not and will not abide by its commitments signed in Astana and Sochi with regard to ensuring the unity and sovereignty of Syria”.

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