the Last Great Bull Market

Is This the Last Great Bull Market Of Our Lifetimes?

The Fed is now expanding its balance sheet at a pace of $100 billion per month.

Yes, $100 billion, despite the fact its official QE program is only $60 billion.

On an annualized basis this means the Fed is now funneling over $1 trillion into the financial system every year.

And it’s igniting the last great bull market of our lifetimes.

The German DAX just hit a new 52-week high.


Ditto for Japan’s Nikkei.


In the US most major indexes have hit new all-time highs. Even the laggards are now playing catch up.

The Russell 2000 just hit a new 52-week high in the US.


Look, there’s no reason to overthink this. Central Banks are panicked and have started the printing presses again.

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