Man wanted over anti-Semitic abuse on Northern Line – BBC News

Comment (recieved)

And if you are Norman (origin), anglo- saxo, celt ,viking or jute white working class behaving yourself and get abused – what then? It’s normally a big get lost from the Authorities.

The racist card frequently played normally is only applied one way, against the whites, against the locals (who spent 30-40 years working hard to build things up) and now chucked mercilessly on the scrapheap, whilst other nationalities more recent occupy seats meant for pregnant, ladies and the disabled (but nothing ever said to them?) What (selfishness) they do is not racist is it??

The authorities bending over backwards to sponsor , fund and house them (frequently misbehaving) and yet for the Irish say who were in London 100 years…There is nothing.

Its a kind- of we are done with you feeling…and now we have other fish to fry ( or exploit).

So many otherwise silent majority speak in whispers about this – saying it’s all wrong….we have lost our country, our city , identity (whatever).As for the (dead) men commemorated last week fighting for the homeland, well when it suited them they just gave ‘the Mothetland’ away, no questions asked.In the same way that they (the elites) had stolen the nationalised industry from the tax paying public, back on the early 1980s

Robert from Harrow

(Address withheld upon request)

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