No income tax, no VAT, No money back, No guarantee. ….no NHS, no minimum wage…..He robs the jobs!

General election: 43 lies, gaffes and scandals that make Boris Johnson unfit to rule

Since the Old Etonian joined public life 30 years ago he has blustered, gaffed and offended his way up the ladder of power. As he runs for re-election, we look at 43 very personal reasons he should not be our Prime Minister.

An oaf like this … represent our people and our country

Boris Johnson has been Britain’s Prime Minister for more than 100 days despite a lifetime of lies, outrage and scandal.

The Tory former journalist has decades of experience in rubbing people up the wrong way.ADVERTISINGinRead invented by Teads

Sometimes the results are reasonably harmless – or even funny.

But at other times, his behaviour has poisoned the well of democracy, raised questions over his honesty, and even endangered a British citizen in Iran.

You’ll have seen many of these 43 lies, gaffes and scandals before – but never all in one place.

While we’re not arguing they should, individually, have led to his sacking, the sheer weight shows a pattern of behaviour that shames our nation.

And they are a handy reminder of why you might want to think twice when heading to vote on December 12.

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