Brihadisvara Temple-The Symbol of a Dynasty

Very readable, very interesting indeed


Hello folks.After a short break,I’m back with a surprise treat for you.It has been around a month since my last post “Eravikulam National Park-In Search of Nilgiri Tahr” has been published.After publishing the post,I left it without publicising that the feedbacks and the views received by the post is very less compared to my previous posts.However,in the recent days,it has been receiving quite a considerable number of views.On 30 June,my posts have been viewed a record number of times-68.Eventhough,the most recent one haven’t got much views,my earlier posts like “The Train to Kangra Valley”,”Group of Monuments at Mahabalipuram-Pancha Rathas”,”The Qutb Shahi Monuments of Hyderabad”,”Kerala’s Contribution to India’s World Heritage List” and others have been receiving a large number of views.I am happy that my posts are being viewed and rated even after months they were published.And,not to forget,WhatsApp has been quite influential in reaching out the posts to more and…

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