Theresa May is best forgotten as she finally falls on sword

Theresa May today signalled her inglorious spell in Downing Street will soon come to an end.

The Prime Minister knows if she had refused to fall on her sword, her mutinous MPs would quickly have used it to stab her in the back.

It is the act of someone who long ago should have accepted they lacked the skills, temperament and imagination for the top job.

Even if she does get her unloved withdrawal agreement over the line, it will do little to redeem her reputation.

She will be remembered as a leader whose mishandling of the Brexit process inflamed divisions, while leaving the country facing an uncertain future. At every stage, from triggering Article 50 without a clear plan to setting down red lines which could not be met, she made the wrong choices.

Now, when the nation requires stability and a focus on the mounting list of domestic  problems, the governing party will be consumed by a leadership race.

Yet again, the self-interest of the Conservative Party will take precedence over what is best for the country.

Prime Minister Theresa May leaves Parliament

Tory tax hike

Next week, letters will land on millions of doorsteps telling households their council tax bill is going up yet again.

Nobody wants to pay more in taxes, but cash-strapped town halls have no option when faced with rising demands for vital services.

At the same time, the amount they receive from central government has been cut every year since the Conservatives came to power.

The blame for the increase in council tax lies with the Chancellor, not your local authority.

good bye Teresa (and good riddance!)

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