Incoming Russian bomber broke up on runway in zero visibility in Murmansk – crew lost (or hospitalized)

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Tu-22 crashes at Murmansk – Three pilots dead

Russian fighter crashed during a training flight in the Murmansk region on Tuesday.Three pilots lost their lives, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

“In the Murmansk region, on 22 January, the Tu-22M3 plane hit a blizzard and landed hard after a scheduled training flight,” the Ministry of Defense press release said.

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An injured pilot is in a hospital.His condition was heavy.Three other crew members were dead, it was said.

The incident occurred at the aerodrome of the long-range aircraft regiment in Olenegorsk (Murmansk region) at approximately 13:40 (MSK).The flight was carried out without ammunition.After the hard landing, the machine caught fire.

According to the press service of the Russian aircraft manufacturer Tupolev, the machine was manufactured in 1986 and in 2012 has undergone…

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